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Wittenborn Art Books

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Alan Wofsy

1109 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94109, UNITED STATES
Tel. 415-292-6500
Fax. 415-292-6594

Our specialities:

We publish the most comprehensive series of catalogues on the oeuvre of Picasso: The Picasso Project, currently with 21 volumes covering the years 1889-1973. We also offer authoritative oeuvre catalogues on most of the Impressionists, including revised editions of catalogues raisonnés on Pissarro, Renoir, Delacroix, Schuffenecker and Redon and illustrated indexes to several print collector periodicals. Old Master projects include the first English language edition of Hermann Voss’s seminal works on the late Renaissance and Baroque in Italy; Piranesi’s Complete Etchings; and revisions of the standard oeuvre catalogues on Callot, Ostade, Bruegel, Bosch, Schongauer,and Goya. Other catalogues raisonnés include American artists include John Sloan, Thomas Hart Benton, Peggy Bacon, Isabel Bishop, William Gropper and Rockwell Kent; a catalogue raisonné of Daumier’s early political lithogrpahs; a revision with English text of the catalogue raisonné of Daumier’s contemporary Gavarni; and Lehrs’s catalogue of Schongauer’s engravings; all fully illustrated. Forthcoming are a revised, illustrated English language edition of Meder’s catalogue of Dürer’s prints, and an English language oeuvre catalogue of Géricault’s prints. We offer complete indexes to The Print Collector's Quarterly and The Print Connoisseur, and a complete illustrated catalogue of Fine Prints of the Year, with nearly 1700 reproductions. We also distribute important art reference works for other publishers, including the complete works of Monet, Piet Mondrian, René Magritte and Max Ernst. The gallery offers Kennedy Galleries graphics editions and portfolios of Baskin, Shahn, Rattner, Levine, Lipschitz, Gwathemy, Minaux, Buffet, and Hockney. Wittenborn Art Books licenses reprints and extracts from The Documents of Modern Art. Collegium Graphicum publishes facsimiles of Renaissance art books in a series entitled Printed Sources of Western Art. Alan Wofsy Fine Arts acquired Collegium Graphicum and the series in the 1970s. Dow & Frosini is a long-established Berkeley and San Francisco art dealer, whose specialty is original posters. Dow & Frosini merged with Alan Wofsy Fine Arts and now offers an extensive array of posters: a large collection by the contemporary Americans, David Lance Goines and Lance Hidy; American movie posters and stills from the 1920s to the 1950s; Mexican movie posters from the 1940s to the 1980s; Art Exhibition posters by major and minor European and American artists; travel posters; 19th Century real estate posters; and political posters.

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Alan Wofsy Fine Arts began business in 1969 as a dealer in antiquarian books and art, and a print publisher of catalogues raisonnés, bibliographies, artist books and art reference works. The gallery deals in Old Master and modern prints and unique works, including architectural art, nature, art deco, design, maps, photography, Asian art, gastronomy and ephemera. We also distribute important art reference works for other publishers. We are located in San Francisco, CA. Wittenborn Art Books was founded in 1941 by George Wittenborn (1905-1974). The company was renowned as a publisher of important art books and as the preeminent art book store in America. Alan Wofsy Fine Arts was designated as successor in interest to Wittenborn Art Books in 1996. Wittenborn currently buys, sells and exchanges art reference books, deluxe editions and graphics, and publishes and distributes works with original graphics. Please see Specialties for a detailed description of our publications and offerings.

Our sales conditions:

Prepayment is required for initial orders and most purchases not for resale. Accepted currencies include US$, Euros (€), SFr and British £. Return Policy We do not accept returns on most items. Our print publications may be returned in as new condition with the retention of a 20% service charge. Trade Policy 1) Prepayment is required for initial orders and for purchasers who do not respect payment terms. In the alternative, payment can be guaranteed with Visa, MasterCard or AmEx. These will be charged only if payment is not made when due. 2) Payment for established accounts is 30 days in the USA and 60 days overseas. No discount is allowed for payments that are not made on time. Payments may be made by credit card as well as by checks and wire payment. 3) Discounts are established to encourage the sale of multiple copies of our books. Booksellers who take orders from customers who are responding to our own marketing do not receive maximum discounts. 4) Currency. We bill in US$, Euros (€), SFr and British £. 5) Pre-publication. We sometimes offer special prices for pre-publication orders. These are invalid after publication. 5) Returns. Our books are not returnable. They are sold only to knowledgeable buyers. Returns can only be accepted with a 20% service charge (provided books are still saleable). 7) FOB. Most shipments of new books originate from our warehouse in Ashland, OH. Art and antiquarian works are shipped from San Francisco. Shipping Policy USA: $6 for first volume, $3 for each additional volume. Overnight delivery costs more. Delivery within North America by UPS or USPS. All others: DHL, Fedex, or Airborne. A discount schedule, payment addresses, and more information may be found on our website:

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American Express, Discover, Mastercard, VISA