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Boston and Albany Railroad: Collection of Documents and Manuscripts, Circa 1900

Imprint: Boston

In 1900, the assets of the Boston and Albany Railroad were leased by the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad. Some Boston and Albany shareholders opposed the lease as offered, stating that it offered too little in comparison to past earnings and might lead to deterioration of the railroad's assets. This collection consists of 15 documents and manuscripts, totaling 70 pages. An inventory of the collection: Printed petition "To the Stockholders of the Boston and Albany Railroad" with the printed names of 58 large stockholders asking that the lease as offered be rejected. 1 page. 8 1/2 x 14 inches. Annotated typewritten list of stockholders holding over 100 shares of the Boston and Albany Railroad. Also lists number of shares held. 17 pages. Legal research. (Author not named). Analysis of court cases regarding the jurisdfiction of states over railroads which were incorporated in another state. 5 holograph pages. Legal research (Author not named). State by state analysis of railroad laws. 10 documents (9 typed, 1 holography). 35 pages. Covers 12 different East Coast and Midwest states. Misc. legal research ((Author not named). 2 documents. 12 pages.. Book. Book Condition: Collectible-Fine. Binding: No Binding

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Bookseller's details and sales conditions: Barry Cassidy Rare Books

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