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Steel Engraving Portrait. "Geoerge B. McClellan"

Engraving, circa 1900s (3 3/4 x 5 1/4 inch) of George B. McClellan (1826-1885), in military uniform. Graduate of West Point, cited in the Mexican-American War for bravery, and a gifted observer of military organization in Europe, McClellan resigned in 1857. As a vice-president for the Illinois Central RR he became acquainted with Lincoln. He took command the Dept. of Ohio as Major General for the Republic and was given command of the armies around Washington and succeeded General Scott as Commander in Charge of the Army. With marked success he undertook the complex task of organizing and trading the Union armies. However he was reluctant to attack and after Antietam when McClellan delayed in pursuing Lee, Lincoln removed him. He ran for President in 1864 and lost. Became Governor of New Jersey after the war (1878-81). His autobiography was McCLELLAN'S OWN STORY (1887).. Book. Book Condition: Collectible-Very Good. Binding: No Binding

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Bookseller's details and sales conditions: Barry Cassidy Rare Books

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