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Was Hughes "Betrayed" in California?: A Statement by the Republican State Executive Committee

Imprint: San Francisco, Rincon Publishing Company, Printers, 1917
Binding: Softback

61-page booklet. From the Preface: "At a duly called meeting of the Executive Committee of the Republican State Central Committee held on the 12th day of February, 1917, in the St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, the charges made by Alfred Holman in an article printed in the North American Review and by other persons, that the Republican State Central Committee and Governor Hiram W. Johnson had not conducted an adequate campaign for and had not been loyal to Charles Evans Hughes as the Republican candidate for President, were considered and discussed. The following reply was then prepared, read to and approved at the meeting of the Executive Committee and that Committee authorized the issuance of the following statement as the statement of this Executive Committee with respect to those charges".. Book. Book Condition: Fine. Binding: Wrapper

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Bookseller's details and sales conditions: Barry Cassidy Rare Books

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